Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Choosing a Maryland Injury Attorney

No matter how confident you are about the merits of your case, you still need the right attorney if you want to win and recover maximum compensation. With so many to choose from, you may be wondering what you should look for in a Maryland injury attorney. There are several requirements that can help you narrow down the candidates.

Free Consultation and Contingency Fee Agreement

These are the most basic requirements, and will not rule out many personal injury attorneys, but it is something you need to know if you are not familiar with injury law. A reputable injury attorney offers a free initial consultation, so you can find out if you really have a case, and represents injury victims on a contingency fee basis.

In other words, you should never be asked to pay upfront. Your attorney gets paid if you receive monetary compensation. This is standard. It also serves as an incentive for attorneys to only take on cases with merit and to do their best so that they can get paid for their efforts.

A Trial Attorney

You should choose a trial attorney. If you do not have experience with lawsuits, you are probably wondering, “Aren’t they all trial attorneys? I thought that going to trial was what attorneys do.” The truth is that a lot of lawyers, even those who represent plaintiffs in lawsuits, rarely actually present cases to juries and often try to settle their cases to avoid it. They prefer to settle out of court.

Most cases are settled out of court and that is a good thing, but your attorney still needs to prepare your case to go to trial and your opponent needs to know that your attorney has no reservations about taking your case all the way through jury trial. This helps you get a larger settlement, and in the rare cases where a fair settlement agreement cannot be reached, you will have a strong case to present to the jury.

Track Record of Success with the Type of Case You Have

Your attorney should have ample experience and a track record of success, not just in personal injury, but in the specific type of case that you will be pursuing. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, so if you were injured in an auto accident, choose an attorney who has a history of winning for auto accident victims. Likewise with medical malpractice and other types of lawsuits.

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